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William "Bill" G. Harger standing next to a plane.

William G. "Bill" Harger

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Attorney Bill Harger has been flying aircraft since 1964. When he decided to become a lawyer, representing individuals and businesses involved in aviation was a natural fit for him. Bill is an active ATP-rated pilot, aircraft owner, former professional pilot, and A&P mechanic who has more than 28 years of experience handling aviation-related litigation and transactions. Bill owns, operates, and maintains several airplanes, including an experimental aircraft and an antique classic. 

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Aviation law is quite complex. If you're entangled in a dispute, you deserve an experienced aviation attorney who has been in aviation for the last 60 years.

Aviation transactions are significant investments and must be handled with care. Get Bill's expertise on your side.

Many issues can accompany owning/operating an aircraft. Bill can give you tailored advice on how to avoid legal disputes.

Why Work With Attorney Harger?

Seeking representation for an aviation law issue? Your best bet is to choose an attorney who knows both the industry and its laws inside and out. William G. Harger & Associates can deliver what you need. Whether you are in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or any region of the state of Texas, or any other state, or a foreign country, Mr. Harger is prepared to assist you with your aviation legal issues.

Unique Background & Experience

Bill Harger is a former professional pilot and mechanic, and currently owns, flies, and maintains two aircraft. His background and experience allow him to serve his clients with the experience and background that few other aviation attorneys can offer.

Exceptional Value of Service

Bill provides unparalleled representation and fair pricing. As a solo attorney, he does not have big firm overhead. Your legal matter will always get his personal attention. When you hire WGH&A, you can rest assured you're getting excellent service at an exceptional value.

Focused Dedication to Your Case

You deserve an aviation attorney who makes you a priority. Bill channels his distinguished skills into providing individualized support and advocacy for his clients.

Representing You From the Ground to the Sky

The field of aviation law is complex and ever-changing. To successfully deal with legal challenges regarding aircraft operation and aircraft facilities, representation from a knowledgeable and skilled aviation attorney is critical. At William G. Harger & Associates, PLLC, aviation litigation and transaction attorney Bill Harger offers a full range of aviation law services for clients in Houston, Texas, and throughout the world. His experience in the field, combined with his firm's responsive service and reasonable fees, provides extraordinary value for our clients.

William G. Harger & Associates, PLLC, is committed to providing our clients with effective solutions to a wide range of litigation and transactional matters. Bill Harger proudly serves airports, aircraft maintenance companies, pilots, mechanics, fixed base operators, and many other entities involved in aviation. His services include drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts; advising clients regarding liability issues; and providing general business law counsel to aircraft owners, flight schools, brokers, aircraft maintenance companies, and other parties.

Litigating the Big Picture With Detailed Focus

Aviation disputes like personal injury lawsuits, breach of contract, and product liability cases can have a devastating impact on people's lives and businesses, which is why you need a litigation attorney who fully understands your situation. Attorney Bill Harger offers 28 years of aviation law experience, as well as many years of professional pilot and mechanic experience. He can help you resolve your legal matter in a way that best suits your needs and situation. For the professional advocacy you deserve, turn to William G. Harger & Associates, PLLC.

Offices legal firm focused on the Aviation industry. Is very well qualified to research / address causes and culpability of aviation accidents and represent client interests in court.

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